Breaking Down Broadway

Are you interested in interpreting theater and not sure where and how to get started?  


Do you want to improve your skills and sharpen your process when analyzing a script to perform the interpretation?  


If sothen this is the forum for you!


Breaking Down Broadway is designed to be a ten-month “book club - like” exploration into theatrical interpreting.  With this format, we will take one script and spend the extended time breaking it down, analyzing it for meaning and developing the interpreted performance.  

All this will take place in a safe, supportive, and FUN environment!

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For more information on the 2019-2020 Session, click on the picture!

Educational Objectives

At the completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

1. Identify techniques to enhance performance interpreting.

2. Develop strategies for script/text analysis.

3. Analyze a script for intent, content, and characterization in order to create an effective interpretation.

4. Compare and contrast script translations to identify most effective for message equivalence.

5. Apply effective team interpreting strategies in a theatrical setting.

6. Produce an interpretation of a musical at a final performance.