It is my great pleasure to write the testimonial letter for Hands UP Productions.


Art-Reach connects people with disabilities and ecnonomic disadvantages to cultural experiences, and we are fortunate to have an ASL provider as experienced and talented as Hands UP in our region.


Not only are Donna and Brian skilled interpreters; they approach their work with a joyous positive energy that gets everyone excited and engaged.  They also have a deep understanding of the Philadelphia cultural community and a real passion for improving access to the arts for everyone in our community.


We have worked directly with Hands UP in the past and have referred many other organizations needing ASL services to them as well.  I fully expect to continue to do both in the future and am happy to fully endorse and recommend them.


Philadelphia, PA

In 2007-2008 the Arden launched a partnership with Hands Up Productions, a new ASL interpreting service exclusively for the arts. 


Hands Up not only provides ASL interpreting but also markets productions directly to the deaf and hearing impaired community.  Donna and Brian are excellent in what they do.  They are hugely flexible, willing to adapt their interpretation in all of our spaces no matter the programming.  Their interest, enthusiasm and passion for storytelling parallels ours.  Whether they are interpreting performances, communicating with staff or developing audiences, they are the perfect blend of personal and professionalism while being the most affordable interpreting service in the Philadelphia area.


Philadelphia, PA

Working with Hands UP Productions takes the work out of providing high-quality accessible experiences for our audience members who are deaf. 


Donna Ellis and Brian Morrison assure that preparation and performance for our productions is top notch.  Through excellent communication, professional administration and the best ASL interpreters they provide great services, without any added drama.  Hands UP Productions is a perfect match for any arts organization looking to provide ideal services with minimum fuss.


Philadelphia, PA

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