Hands UP Productions is committed to providing customer focused, high quality sign language interpreting services for theatrical events. 

By utilizing Deaf and hearing professionals, we create a rewarding experience for both 

theatre-goers and the theatre community. 

How it All Began...

What do Illinois, New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago all have in common? 


Brian and Donna!

So take a seat, clear the aisle, and remember: no flash photography!


Keep your Hands UP

 and enjoy the show!

Donna Ellis, MFA, CI, CT, SC:L was introduced to the world of interpreting during her 10 years as an Equity actor in New York City.  After working and performing with both Deaf and Hearing actors, Donna went on to become a freelance interpreter throughout the New York City area, as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, in a variety of settings.  She has been involved in the field of interpreting for over 30 years and specializes in legal interpreting as well as theatrical interpreting.


In addition to freelancing, she is in partnership with Brian Morrison as co-owner of Hands UP Productions.  Together they provide accessible, high quality interpreted theatre throughout the Philadelphia region.  Her theatrical interpreting experience includes more than a hundred Broadway tours, regional productions and exploratory performance pieces.  She has trained interpreters in theatrical interpretation throughout the Philadelphia region.


Donna has been seen interpreting at the Kimmel Center/Academy of Music, Arden Theatre, Merriam Theatre, Walnut Street theatre as well as numerous other venues in the tri-state area.

She makes her home in Sicklerville, NJ with her husband and two sons.

In 2003, Brian (Illinois) and Donna (New York) met for the first time in Philadelphia while interpreting the Broadway hit, Chicago at the Merriam Theatre.


Fast forward to 2007: With countless partnered productions under their belts, they embarked on a new adventure: Hands UP Productions.

Brian Morrison, M.Ed, CI, CT, is currently an assistant professor and program coordinator of the ASL/English Interpreting program at the Community College of Philadelphia.  He received his Master’s of Education from Northeastern University and has been teaching for 18 years.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in Education of the Deaf and has been involved in the profession for over 25 years.  


He is a past president of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) having served four years in that position.  Prior to his two terms as president, he served four years on the board in positions including Director of Public Relations and Outreach and vice-president.  He is currently serving as a commissioner on the Commission for Collegiate Interpreter Education, an accreditation body for interpreter education programs.  


In addition to teaching, he specializes in theatrical interpreting and is the co-owner, along with Donna Ellis, of Hands UP Productions, a theatrical interpreting company serving the greater Philadelphia area. He has interpreted over one hundred plays and musicals from Broadway tours to regional productions to readings of new works.  He has trained interpreters in theatrical interpreting both nationally and internationally.  Currently, Brian lives with his husband and their amazing dog in Philadelphia.